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Using jDrupal on a Drupal 8 Site

jDrupal is not just for building apps that connect with Drupal, it can also be used directly with a Drupal website on its frontend.

  1. Create a a custom Drupal 8 module
  2. Use Drupal 8's asset library to attach jDrupal for use

For convenience, an example module is available on GitHub:

Once enabled, we could attach jDrupal and our app to a page's render element:

$element = array(
  '#markup' => '<div id="msg">Loading...</div>',
  '#attached' => array(
    'library' => array(

Then the app would then be ready for use with jDrupal on the Drupal frontend's page:

// Set the Drupal site path.
jDrupal.config('sitePath', '');

// Connect to Drupal and say hello.
jDrupal.connect().then(function() {
  var user = jDrupal.currentUser();
  var msg = user.isAuthenticated() ?
  'Hello ' + user.getAccountName() : 'Hello World';
  document.getElementById('msg').innerHTML = msg;