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1. Set up a Drupal 7 Website

2. Enable the Services Module and Create Endpoint

Download and enable the Services module (ands its sub module called REST Server) on the Drupal site. Import the endpoint by following these steps:

  • In Drupal, go to admin/structure/services/import
  • Copy the export code from services-endpoint-export.txt
  • Paste it into the Endpoint code textarea
  • Click Continue
  • Click Save
  • Under admin/config/development/performance click Clear all caches

3. Add jDrupal library to your app and configure it

  • Download the jDrupal library with npm install jdrupal, bower install jdrupal or download a release manually.
  • Include the jdrupal.min.js file using a script tag in your app.
  • Configure the environmental variables to let jDrupal know where your Drupal endpoint is:
// Set the site path (without the trailing slash).
Drupal.settings.site_path = "";

// Set the Service Resource endpoint path.
Drupal.settings.endpoint = "rest";

// Set to true to enable local storage caching for entities.
Drupal.settings.cache.entity.enabled = true;

// Number of seconds before cached copy expires. Set to 0 to cache forever, set
// to 60 for one minute, etc.
Drupal.settings.cache.entity.expiration = 60*60*24;

4. Done!

Now you're ready to build an application, try the Hello World for starters.